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    Jeff Mount began recording at a very early age. He learned to edit ¼ inch reel to reel tape by age five, and developed a deep appreciation of analog recordings and the gear used to make them. Although Jeff is very proficient using the latest technology, he prefers to work in the analog world. Jeff feels that some of the best recordings were made in the 50’s and 60’s, without the technical advantages we have today. Although gear and technology is definitely a part of what makes a recording great, Jeff applies to every project his technical understanding of the gear and his knowledge of how to use it. Whether it is the feel of a live performance, or a particular “sound” someone is looking for, Jeff has the ability to capture that on tape or hard disk. Jeff has been producing records since 1994, working with hundreds of artists in every genre. He has an extensive musical background playing drums in the bands Mother Freud, Porn Cobb Combo,Sweet Lee Morrow and The Kul. He has also contributed his skills as a session musician to countless recordings. Working in many studios in the past, including Paradigm Productions, Fatt Traxx, and Goodnight Audio, Jeff brings his years of experience and expertise to Sessionworks. Jeff's long background as a musician along with his technical knowledge of industry equipment enables him to get the best possible recordings, no matter what the project is. Jeff has developed a very loyal client base, which speaks volumes for his skills as an engineer, and he is always looking forward to working with new artists at Sessionworks Studios.



   Shawn Lunsford has an extensive audio background and a deep appreciation of music that started when he learned to play guitar in the eighth grade. His guitar skills were honed onstage, playing with Distant Daze for years and then moving on to play with Porn Cobb Combo from Denton. He has hundreds of live shows under his belt, along with running live sound for many years.  Shawn has also taken two years of College classes in music theory, midi and recording . Not only is Shawn handling a major part of Sessionworks Studio’s clients, he is also currently employed by one of the top Audio/Video companies in the world, where he is trained and educated on the latest and greatest equipment available.. Shawn’s investment in Sessionworks started with blood, sweat and tears as he played a lead role in literally building Sessionworks from the ground up. Shawn wears many different hats at Sessionworks, stepping into roles from engineer, to producer, to session guitarist. His focus is first and foremost on the music and the clients needs. His long history as a musician along with his knowledge of so many different facets of music enables him to make Sessionworks a comfortable and productive environment conducive to great recordings. Being a musician himself, Shawn understands the artists he works with and is not just “the guy behind the mixing desk”. He treats each project as if it were his own. His passion for music and the pride he takes in his work shows through in every recording. Shawn will continue to add to the strong foundation Sessionworks has built client by client, and looks forward to working with you in the future.

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    Excelling in recording, mixing, mastering & music production,  Jon has over 8 years experience behind the glass at Sessionworks.  Putting in his training at MediaTech and playing drums for multiple bands, Jon has all the experience he needs to be able to achieve quality mixes, while adding excellent input on the song crafting process.


    Excelling in recording, mixing, mastering & music production,  Jon has been behind the glass at Sessionworks since 2010.  He has produced and engineered countless tracks from every genre.  Putting in his training at MediaTech and playing drums for multiple bands, Jon has all the experience he needs to be able to achieve quality mixes, while adding excellent input on the song crafting process. 



        Milo has pretty much been in the studio since birth.   He started playing guitar at a very early age and is well versed in many other instruments as well.  Having played in many bands over the years, including Deity Of Destruction, Triple SP, The Kul and Mother Freud he has honed his musical skills and songwriting abilities to create top notch music.  


Business Manager

HeHeath Heath Power has been involved with four company startups. As a musician and longtime friend with the other partners, he jumped at the chance to help start Sessionworks Studios. Heath participated in commercial music courses in college and has been home recording for over a decade. A vocalist himself, he understands the demands an artist expects from a studio. He is there to answer any questions the engineers may not have answered or help resolve any issues. While he takes care of the studio doldrums (THE BOOKS) he has also been known to run a few sessions.

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