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Midas Heritage 1000 (48 channel), Midas Venice 160



MOTU 24I/O, MOTU 2408MK3, MOTU 828MK3


Tape Machines:

Otari MTR90MKIII, Tascam MS16, Tascam MSR16, Tascam 48, Otari 5050MKIII-4, MCI JH-110x2, Teac 40-4, Teac A-6300


Microphones: Shure SM57 x8, Shure SM58, Shure Beta58, Shure Beta57A, Shure SM81 x2, Shure MX393/c, Shure SM7B, Audio Technica AT4040, Audix D6, SWS Sub Kick, EV N/D468 x3, Cad Equitek100 x2, Oktava MK319, Okatava MKL2500 tube, Oktava MK012 x2, MXL 4000 x2, MXL v57m x2, MXL 990 x2, Audix F10 x2, Audix F12, Placid Audio Copperphone, Placid Audio Resonator, Placid Audio RU80, custom built Telephone Mic.


Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT770 (modified) x10



We have a nice selection of Vintage Instruments that can be used during your recording session. Here's a list of some of what we have to offer:


Hammond H-112 organ, Wurlitzer spinet piano, Akai MPK-88 MIDI Keyboard, Ludwig Stainless Steel drum kit (John Bonham sizes), Cymbals from Paiste, Zildian and Sabian, LP congas and bongos, lots of various percussion, Fender Jazz Bass, Epiphone bass, Yamaha 12 string acoustic, Epiphone 6 string acoustic, Ibanez 6 string acoustic, Yamaha classical 6 string acoustic, Gibson Les Paul, 2 Fender Stratocasters, Ibanez electric with Floyd Rose tremelo, custom built Theremin, Fender Rhodes, Epiphone Les Paul w/Jimmy Page 21 tone setup, 4 String acoustic/electric bass, Fender Twin, Silvertone Twin, custom built Caswell 18 watt, Marshall JCM900, Marshall JCM2000, 2 Kustom 200 heads, custom built 8x10 bass cab, Fender Bassman 135.



Not only do we have all the plugins you could posibly want for your mixing session but we also have a nice list of outboard gear inculding:


Preamps: Purple Audio, Avedis, OSA, Eisen, API, Aphex, ART, Midas and Behringer


Dynamics: PreSonus, Drawmer, ART, Alesis, DBX, Empirical Labs and Klark Teknik, Chameleon Labs


FX: Lexicon, Digitech, TAPCO, Aphex, Yamaha and Behringer

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